Hello! I am Sebastian,

I am a visual artist with focus in motion design, creating and animating visual experiences.

As a Freelance Motion Designer, I create engaging and impactful art direction, motion design, 3D graphics, VFX, and on-screen content for events and TV.

I am proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D, I am  combining art and technology to tell compelling stories and create memorable experiences. and I have expertise in branding, digital media, and broadcast production. delivering high-quality and innovative solutions for a diverse range of clients.

I have been working in media production for over 20 years. So I´ve dealt with a fair share of print projects(Posters, cd covers) web interactives(Flash), video and film, live events and art installations. In the process dealing with ever evolving technologies a variety of styles .

I currently work freelance with post production houses and creative agencies such as AlkemyX, Bowstring Studios, Center City Film and Video, Digital Flodur, creating Ads and content for TV and live events such as Masked Singer, The Voice, Doha Debates, Miss Universe, Anime Awards and the Latin Grammy.

I work contract-based projects, taking a project from creative boards through the design, modelling, rigging and animation process, to a final deliverable.
I can also accommodate daily or hourly rates for specific stages of a project.

I am happy to connect with creative minds. So let me hear about your project.. Don´t be shy, let´s talk!

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