This is a compilation of Posters, Flyers, album covers,  and Magazine pages that I did between 1999 and 2014.
I studied Visual Communications in PRODISEÑO and worked with MASA at, where I had the opportunity to work with many talented designers, namely Yker Moreno, Carlos Engel, Carlos Crinigan, Miguel Vasquez, HASE, Marek Zawisza, to name a few. I later formed my own studio, Keloide, with Alvaro Leon.
At the same time there were releases of design software that allowed new approaches to graphics, animation and interactive media, such as Macromedia Flash, 3d Studio Max, Resolume and Adobe  Illustrator.
 This collective energy, and the crazy influx of slow but untamed internet (pre-social media) became my ground for exploring compositions, colors, and themes in a sort of digital-collage approach. Working along musicians and other artists in events organized by Simpl3 and Babylon Motorhome fueled the creative proceses and provided a platform to communicate and share IRL.
Good times @ Caracas.