Since 2021 (Season 6 through season 11, ongoing )  I created screen content for the popular TV show The Masked Singer USA.

Working under the artistic and technical direction of Noah Witchell, we created background visuals for the SET of the show. .

I really love working with Noah and his Inglorious team and creating these wicked scenes. We are usually provided a creative brief and some reference images and we take it from there, and they allow some departure and creative freedom as long as everything is in-concept.

See below  a selection of the best scenes that I´ve created for the show. I included a bit of the creative process, and stills from the broadcast. The full performances are usually unavailable due to copyright limitations.


Season 10 _
Gazelle “Lucky”




Season 10 _ “Disco Inferno _Show Opening + House Look

I really enjoyed creating this disco ballroom and animating it, since it had different chases, a fire version, a beam version, and my favorite, (which sadly didnt make the final cut) the LASERS version.

I did this laser rig with Rocketlasso´s Ricochet, Awesome tool! The fire simulation with Embergen, FAntascic tool also. That´s What I love of working for the Masked singer, the opportunity to do crazy shit, try out new tools, and polish skills

Season 10 _  “Elton John” Show opening

Season 10 _ “Battle Royale”


Season 10 _ “Battle Royale”

Season 10 _ “One Hit Wonders” Show opening

Season 10 _ Cow performs “Blinding lights” (Chromatic room)

Season 9 _  LAMP “Venus” (Iridescent space)

Season 9 _  “Country Girl”

Season 9 _  “HUD Autopilot”


Season 9 _  “New York New York”


Season 8 _ Knight performance “Putting On The Ritz”


Season 8 _ Scarecrow performance “Abracadabra” (Graveyard)



Season 8 _  Panther “Feeling Good”

Season 8 _  Walrus performance “Tearing up my heart” (geometric ice world)



Season 7 _ Hydra 
performance Hey Soul Sister” (Castle)

Season 7 _ Prince (Cheyenne Jackson)
performance “Copa de la Vida”

For this one I built a bunch of 3d cakes with a twisted feeling, the crazy frostings and colorful patterns.

Season 7 _ Prince (Cheyenne Jackson)  performance “Lay me down”

I did the fireflies at 01:01

Season 7 _ Queen Cobra performance “Say a Little Prayer” (Rose fireflies)

Various Backgrounds in development:

Season 6 _
 Mallard performance “My House” (Art deco Palace)

This scenography was an architectural exercise based of course on the mallard´s shapes and colors, I think it turned out very nice, has an Egyptian vibe but it´s like a disco hall too.

The broadcasted performance

Here is the original video file for the stage