Since 2021 (Season 6 through season 11 )  I created screen content for the popular TV show The Masked Singer for USA.

I´ve been under the artistic and technical direction of Noah Witchell creating background visuals. I really love working with Noah and his Inglorious team and creating these wicked scenes.

See below  a selection of the best graphics I´ve created for the show.

I included some of the creative process, the full performance videos from the show are mostly unavailable due to copyright limitations.

Season 10 _
Gazelle “Lucky”




Season 10 _ “Disco Inferno _Show Opening + House Look

I really enjoyed creating this disco ballroom and animating it, since it had different chases, a fire version, a beam version, and my favorite, (which sadly didnt make the final cut) the LASERS version.

I did this laser rig with Rocketlasso´s Ricochet, Awesome tool! The fire simulation with Embergen, FAntascic tool also. That´s What I love of working for the Masked singer, the opportunity to do crazy shit, try out new tools, and polish skills

Season 10 _  “Elton John” Show opening

Season 10 _ “Battle Royale”


Season 10 _ “Battle Royale”

Season 10 _ “One Hit Wonders” Show opening

Season 10 _ Cow performs “Blinding lights” (Chromatic room)

Season 9 _  LAMP “Venus” (Iridescent space)

Season 9 _  “Country Girl”

Season 9 _  “HUD Autopilot”


Season 9 _  “New York New York”


Season 8 _ Knight performance “Putting On The Ritz”


Season 8 _ Scarecrow performance “Abracadabra” (Graveyard)



Season 8 _  Panther “Feeling Good”

Season 8 _  Walrus performance “Tearing up my heart” (geometric ice world)



Season 7 _ Hydra 
performance Hey Soul Sister” (Castle)

Season 7 _ Prince (Cheyenne Jackson)
performance “Copa de la Vida”

For this one I built a bunch of 3d cakes with a twisted feeling, the crazy frostings and colorful patterns.

Season 7 _ Prince (Cheyenne Jackson)  performance “Lay me down”

I did the fireflies at 01:01

Season 7 _ Queen Cobra performance “Say a Little Prayer” (Rose fireflies)

Various Backgrounds in development:

Season 6 _
 Mallard performance “My House” (Art deco Palace)

This scenography was an architectural exercise based of course on the mallard´s shapes and colors, I think it turned out very nice, has an Egyptian vibe but it´s like a disco hall too.

The broadcasted performance

Here is the original video file for the stage