I know, its 2023 2024 and I don’t have an updated Reel!

It´s coming….  meanwhile, here are some previous reels


2018 _ Bowstring Studios Mograph Reel

I was the Art Director and lead Motion designer at Bowstring Studios for 6 years(2015-2021). This shows some of the work we made on this period.

This reel doesn’t include most of the later work, but I think its a good compilation of the type of jobs on our hands.

It´s worth noting that some of the clips featured in this reel aren´t Bowstring´s, but animations I did earlier while freelancing, or at Keloide Lab Audiovisual, Caracas. Also contains keyframes and pixels by Chris Sladek, Fred Segro, and Vince Cordisco.

2013 _ personal Reel

This one has some of the stuff I did working at Keloide and Smart Animation Studios.


2011 _ Keloide Reel

This one is oldschool!

Keloide (1999-2011) was my studio back in Caracas. we did a lot of spec and passion work, things for music, live events and film.